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Local Buying Tips

Here’s a list of documents you will need to have ready for a loan officer.  It’s important to get organized so you can get preapproved.  Having a preapproval letter is the first step in the home buying process.  Below is a checklist:



  1. Name, date of birth, social security #, email address and phone # (for each applicant) 

  1. Address for the past two years with monthly payment (for each applicant) 

  1. Employer with address, phone number, position and salary for the past 2 years (for each applicant) 

  1. List of checking, savings and retirement accts with acct # and balance (for each applicant) 

  1. List of real estate owned — with estimated value, mortgage owed and monthly payment breakdown 



  1. Last 60 days pay stubs 

  1. Last two years tax returns — all pages and schedules along with W2s 

  1. Last two months bank statements — all pages — all accounts 

  1. Copy of most recent mortgage statement (if applicable) 

  1. copy of driver's license or photo ID along with social security card (each applicant)